Author: Maren C. Locke, MD

How to Pick out a Sunscreen like a Dermatologist

Are you overwhelmed by the number of choices there are for sunscreens at your local drug store? Are you worried that you are not picking a safe sunscreen for yourself or your children? Do you spend way too much time on google trying to decipher the sunscreen lingo that advertisers use to manipulate your choices? Or do you just want an expert to save you the headache and tell you what to choose? In this post, I am going to answer all of your burning questions about sunscreen and make buying your next sunscreen super easy and stress-free!

The following are questions that I get asked OFTEN by my patients, friends, and family. Now I will share my expert answers with all of you.  Continue reading “How to Pick out a Sunscreen like a Dermatologist”

The 5 most compelling reasons why you should care about sun protection


Sun protection

Sun protection can save your life (and your beauty!). We have known this for many years, yet so many patients still come into my exam room with chronic and severe effects from the sun. I easily have patients of all ages with glaring evidence that they are under protecting themselves while overdosing on UV radiation. So why is this? Continue reading “The 5 most compelling reasons why you should care about sun protection”